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What do we do?

We provide virtual assistants to help delegate your attorney’s workloads and decrease stress levels. These virtual assistants are trained and vetted with paid training before assigning them to your company. We personally match our assistants with the needs of your company. Our virtual assistants have wide skill sets to fulfill all your needs.



Our virtual assistants help you prepare petitions for Chapter 7 Bankruptcies. They can draft letters to the trustee with enclosing documents and prepare reaffirmation agreements for your clients.

Business Law

When you need help, our virtual assistants are prepared. They can assist you by drafting LLC formation documents, filing for EIN-Tax ID numbers, file for fictitious firm names and DBAs, and prepare designation Form 2553 for filing Subchapter S Corporations.

Intellectual Property

At Legal Support Help our virtual assistants are experienced in updating trademark applications.

Estate Planning

We know there is a lot that goes into Estate Planning and that it can be emotionally turbulent for clients and their families. We want you to be able to focus on meeting their needs while our virtual assistants help in the background. A virtual assistant could prepare the following:

  • Estate planning documents
  • ​Probate
  • ​Proof of mailings
  • ​Affidavit of homesteads
  • ​Creditor packages
  • ​Efiling
  • ​Estates of the decedent

Family Law

Depending on the case, family law can mean a time of joy or a time of difficulty for clients. In either case, we are here to help. The virtual assistants at Legal Support Help are well versed and ready to help your team with:

  • Adoption and foster care​
  • ​Child Custody
  • ​Child Visitation
  • ​Child Support
  • ​Dissolution/Divorce with or without minors (Contested/Uncontested)
  • ​Divorce Mediation
  • ​Emancipation
  • ​Domestic Violence
  • ​Guardianship
  • ​Legal Separations
  • ​Military Divorces
  • ​Name Changes
  • ​Parentage
  • ​Prenuptial Agreements
  • ​Restraining Orders

Mass Torts

Don’t bury your in-house employees with simple tasks when our virtual assistants can help you prepare fee agreements and releases for electronic signature using Assuresign, Docusign, or Vinesign. Our virtual assistant can: perform intakes, draft medical summaries, establish Plaintiff Profile sheets, and draft Short form Complaints.

They have received specific training for the following mass tort claims:

  • 3M
  • ​Boy Scouts
  • ​Essure
  • ​Hernia Mesh
  • ​Zantac
  • ​Business Interruption

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can be long and arduous. Our virtual assistants will make your life easier - you would be paying significantly less for so much more. The virtual assistants can coordinate with clients, attorneys, adjusters, and medical providers as needed. The long list of tasks that our virtual assistants can help you with include:

  • ​Drafting Complaints
  • ​Database management
  • ​Disbursements
  • ​Discovery
  • ​Drafting Demand letters
  • ​Medical records requests
  • ​Medical Summaries
  • ​ISO report requests
  • ​Lien balance verification
  • ​Opening claims
  • ​PIP requests
  • ​Witness lists
  • ​And so much more!

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability can include a lot of document management. By hiring our virtual assistants, everything will be organized and at the tips of your fingers. Don’t let the mountains of paperwork be intimidating, let us do your filing, facing, and administrative tasks so you can focus on what is most important: your clients.


So much for so little – Each of our services is designed and tailored for your firm’s needs:

  • We have a highly experienced team;
  • ​You can pay us biweekly, add or remove services at any point in time, and cancel at any time;
  • ​Be up and running within 7 days;
  • ​Optimal results for a fraction of the price;
  • ​Scale up or scale down as your business expands or contracts;
  • ​24/7 service;
  • ​You can make more as you can charge more and bill out your assistant;
  • ​Your staff can delegate to your virtual assistant so that they can focus on higher level tasks;
  • ​Our virtual assistants also have a collaborative group and can ask advice from others when they are stuck or need a more efficient way of doing things;
  • ​Satisfaction is guaranteed!

You will notice the difference in the time spent working while clocked-in. An average employee wastes between 50% to 80% of their day on non-work related distractions. This money could stay in your firm’s pocket by changing the way you assign your tasks. The statistics show that a traditional employee works about 25% throughout the workday, while a virtual employee works 100% throughout the workday.

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  • Answering phone calls
  • ​Case management setup
  • ​Administrative tasks
  • ​Payroll processing
  • ​Medical chronologies & Demand letters
  • ​Gathering medical records
  • ​Marketing
  • ​Bookkeeping
  • ​Creating LLCs
  • ​Trademark Applications
  • ​Efiling
  • ​Discovery
  • ​Divorces
  • ​Guardianship
  • ​Name Changes
  • ​Telephone calls to clients, courts, medical providers, adjusters, attorneys
  • ​Setting up case management software like Clio, Filevine, Practice Panther, and more
  • Auditing Cases
  • ​Background Checks
  • ​Calendaring
  • ​Complaints
  • ​Database Management
  • ​Data Entry
  • ​Disbursements
  • ​Medical Summaries
  • ​Medical Record Requests
  • ​Discovery
  • ​Email Management
  • ​Intakes
  • ​Minors Compromises
  • ​Health Insurance Subrogation
  • ​Opening Claims
  • ​Paying Invoices
  • ​Requesting Police Reports
  • ​Policy Limit Requests
  • ​​Deposition Notices
  • Interpleaders
  • ​Subpoenas
  • ​Quickbooks
  • ​Payroll
  • ​Creating Reports
  • ​Human Resources and Hiring, Onboarding, Firing, Offboarding
  • ​Personal Assistant Tasks
  • ​Travel Booking
  • ​Billing
  • ​Web Development
  • ​CRM Management
  • ​PowerPoint Presentations
  • ​Send out Appreciation Gifts
  • ​Confirm Appointments
  • ​Newsletters and Email Campaigns
  • ​Graphic Design
  • ​Social Media Management
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How we monitor our staff

At Legal Support Help we use a program called “Hubstaff” to monitor all our employees.


  • Takes screenshots at random intervals every 10 minutes.
  • ​Tracks all websites used while on the clock.
  • ​Generates daily and weekly reports to show productivity levels.


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Joel Leppard

5star png

Ditto that. I’ve had a really great experience with the VAs at Legal Support Help. They are awesome!

rev-6 png

Sara Breaux

5star png

We have been working with Legal Support Help for several months, and with great confidence. I highly recommend this support firm. In addition to enjoying quality assistance, we have learned SO MUCH from their vast knowledge and experience of everyday tasks. The tips and tricks I’ve learned from them along the way will help me for years to come. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Legal Support Help team, and look forward to doing so anytime the need arises.

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Cheyenne Whitfield

5star png

Working with Legal Support Help has been a fantastic experience for me. I have my capacity of cases by adding help and being able to lower my expenses by getting smaller office space. I am able to work with support staff who get the job done in a timely manner. I don’t think I could continue my robust practice without the help I received from LSH.

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Casey Gish

5star png

I was turned on to virtual assistants after I opened my own law firm. My virtual assistant helps with sending our reductions, scheduling, email management, simple pleadings, and demand letters. My virtual assistant is an integral part of my business.

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John Fisher

5star png

Blown away by the proficiency, responsiveness, and quality of the work of our virtual assistant provided by Sandy Van’s Legal Support Help! We send the work one day and the next day, we get the finished work product for 20+ discovery responses. The quality of the work has been exceptional! I could not be more impressed. Thank you, Sandy!

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William Umansky

5star png

Her company has been 100 percent reliable and outstanding. Her team is very smart and they have been able to get Filevine launched fast. They are so amazing we may use them for other projects. We are so impressed. So here is another time I get to say thank you to Sandy!

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Livia Chaykin

5star png

I hope this finds you and yours well. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since we started working together. Please know that one of the few consistencies in my life during this crazy pandemic has been Franco. He has done a fantastic job, and we really enjoy having him on our team.

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Janis Mann

5star png

I will admit that I was very skeptical about this arrangement, especially after having two negative experiences with virtual assistants. You have TRULY exceeded my expectations and I am delighted with how this is going! I think you can see that, because I keep giving you new task types, but I wanted to be sure to tell you directly as well!

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