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Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

hire a virtual assistantNo matter what business you are in, or if you are manager or the owner you will find that your time is being eaten away by many small jobs that are important to the running of the company but are not strictly a part of your role. These many tasks often accumulate over time and eventually you get to the point where you cannot actually effectively do your own job anymore. But finding another pair of hands to take on the work is not always easy. Often these tasks cover a large number of different disciplines within the company and there is unlikely to be anyone with the free time to help you. Hiring an additional person is also likely to be out of the question either due to budget constraints or simply due to not going to be able to find someone with the right mix of skills. This is where our virtual assistant service can help you. We can help you to find a virtual assistant that can help you by taking on many of these different tasks at a price that is going to be significantly lower than hiring an additional employee.

This is where our virtual assistant service can help you. We can help you to find a virtual assistant that can help you by taking on many of these different tasks at a price that is going to be significantly lower than hiring an additional employee.

How Can Virtual PA Services Help You?

virtual assistant serviceMany companies now hire virtual assistants and they can provide support in so many different areas of your business. Many people just think of personal assistants or admin assistants when they think of a VA but the truth is that you can now find help for almost any function or task within your business. As long as there is no physical presence required as for assembly the likelihood is that we can provide you with a VA that will be suitable. The following is a short list of some of the areas in which you can hire virtual assistants:

  • For administrative services such as writing letters, collating information and doing transcription
  • Handling your diary and providing reminders
  • Looking after the booking of hotels, flights, hire cars and more
  • Answering letters and emails
  • Providing professional services such as recruitment
  • Handling expenses and making payments
  • Invoicing and chasing payment
  • Following up on things like sales enquiries
  • Doing market research and data mining
  • Data analysis and reports

The potential list as you can imagine is endless but we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the expert that you require.

Hire VA Staff That Are Fully Qualified

With more than 5 years in the game we are confident that we can provide you with the person that you need from our pool of over 200 highly qualified and proven experts. We know that you are looking for someone that can get straight to work reliably and this is why you should use us to hire virtual assistants as we only use real experts:

  • Highly qualified with postgraduate degrees relevant to the tasks you need completing
  • Highly experienced at working as a VA in the area in which you need support
  • Fully able to expertly use any tools or software to do the work
  • A quick starter that will be up and running with limited supervision
  • Where required they will be professionally certified
  • Very effective communicators with fluency in English

The Benefits of Using Our Virtual Assistant Service

find a virtual assistantHiring someone through the traditional route is not only expensive it can also be risky to your business if you hire the wrong person. With virtual staff you are able to quickly flex your labor up and down with no repercussions or additional charges, something that is just impossible using staff that are directly hired.
The costs of virtual staff are also considerably lower; you have no costs that are associated with hiring and recruiting them, plus it is very quick to find a VA through us. You also never have to work about things like healthcare costs, holidays or even finding space and equipment.

Our virtual staff works directly with you at all times and will provide you with exactly what you require within the deadlines that you agree. All work is unique and completed to a high standard and our service offers unlimited alterations should you require them. We also provide a full satisfaction money back guarantee to protect your purchase.

So if you want to hire a virtual assistant in any area of your business contact us today for staff that are perfectly qualified to provide the help that you need!

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